Britannia Over Clifton - Bristol Britannia


RAF Transport Command Bristol Britannia by Charles J. Thompson GAvA


Owing its development to the recommendations of the Brabazon Commitee of 1943, the Bristol Britannia would be produced in small numbers, mainly due to a number of teething problems that lengthened its development by five years.


By the time of its introduction in 1957 a good number of pure jet airliners were on their way and Britannia production ceased after only 87 had been built. Deliveries began with BOAC and the 'Whispering Giant' as the aircraft became known would serve with a number of other airlines also.


RAF interest in the aircraft as a transporter resulted in the series 250 aircraft and these were accepted into service in 1959 and were to serve until 1975. When these aircraft retired they were taken on by private companies and continued to fly well in to the 1980s.


Charles J. Thompson's Aviation Art Painting shows a Royal Air Force Transport Command Britannia serving with 99 Squadron over the heartland of Bristol and its famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

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