Victoria Approaching Dublin - P&O Lines Ship

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P&O Cruise Liner Ship Victoria (ex Swedish America Line Kungsholm) Painting Art Print by Ocean Liner Artist Harley Crossley


Built as the Kungsholm for Swedish-America Lines, the ship was put up for sale in 1975 when the line decided to abandon the passenger trade. After several years of going between different owners, she was bought by P&O in 1978. It was during the refit P&O initiated that she lost her forward funnel and gained additional accommodation towards the rear of the ship.


Renamed Sea Princess, the ship had a distinguished career as a cruise ship around Europe and the Mediterranean before joining the Princess fleet for operations in the Pacific, returning to Europe for a re-fit in 1991, whereby she was renamed Victoria. Sailing for P&O, she took part in the centenary celebrations of Union Castle Line, her funnel being repainted to mark the occasion. The ship left P&O service in 2003 and has had a rather turbulent career since then.


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