Cold War Cats - SEPECAT Jaguar - 14 Squadron Original Painting

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SEPECAT Jaguar 14 Squadron Original Aviation Oil Painting by Aviation Artist Stephen Chard GAvA


Stalwarts of RAF Germany, 14 Squadron was based at Bruggen for much of its time in the country. Previously equipped with Phantoms, on which they formed in 1970, the Squadron re-equipped with the SEPECAT Jaguar in 1975, flying the type until 1986 when these were replaced by Panavia Tornado GR.1. 

The squadron remained part of RAF Germany until 1998. These aircraft are seen passing the often seen landmark of Hohenzollern Castle

This is the original oil on canvas painting from which our Open and Limited Edition prints are taken. The painting has been accepted and displayed the 2018 GAvA Annual Exhibition, London


This original, framed and varnished painting comes ready to hang and measures 72cm x 59cm. Could interested parties please contact us by email to arrange payment and delivery

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