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Ocean Liner Art

Ocean Liner Paintings - Famous Passenger Ships In Art


For three-quarters of a century from the 1880s, the Ocean Liner was the fastest way of getting around the globe. From that time until the emergence of the airliner as a serious threat in the 1960s each generation of ship got gradually bigger, faster and more grander in scale. As much as being technical marvels each ship became national symbols of that particular country’s culture, cuisine and service, so acting as floating embassies.


Costing huge sums to construct, each line had to find ways of proving ‘their’ ships were the best and on the profitable North-Atlantic routes this meant the fastest crossing and the holding of the prestigious, if un-official, “Blue Riband”.


Our range of Ocean Liner art includes many of the great ships of their eras and many of the great lines. Cunard, White Star, French Line CGT, Union Castle, United States and  P&O are all represented as are famous ships such as the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Windsor Castle, Normandie, United States, Bremen, Titanic and Mauretania.  

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QE2 in the Fjords - Queen Elizabeth 2

QE2 in the Fjords - Queen Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth 2 QE2 Cunard Ocean Liner Art Print by Marine Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA  ..

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