We are pleased to announce the release of new Aviation Art Prints from Darryl Legg.


We are often asked what a 'Remarque' is and the difference between an Artist Proof and standard print. This page should go some way to explaining this.


A 'Remarque' is a small original drawing in the border of the print, completed by the artist who painted the main image. They are usually released in very small quantities, making the 'Remarque' editions somewhat more sought after in later years than the standard editions or other limited edition prints.


In general HFA release two versions of the 'Remarque' prints, single and double. As the names imply, the first has a single small drawing, while the latter has two. The single 'Remarque' editions are usually released in quantities of 10-20, while the double 'Remarque' rarely exceed 5.


What is even more special about the 'Remarque' editions is that the client has the opportunity to specify what sort of small drawing they would wish. It could include a drawing of the same aircraft, as in the case below, or something slightly different such as pilots or a small ground scene.


Remarques are produced on our 'Artist Proof' prints, which in themselves differ from our standard print. Usually produced in relatively small numbers (35-50 being typical), the Artist Proof is printed on 310gsm Cotton Rag high density paper with each one being seen, passed, signed and numbered by the artist.

 Chris French - Spiritual Home Remarque

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