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  • Dan-Air - BAC 1-11

Airliner Aviation Art Print of a Dan-Air BAC 1-11 One-Eleven by Aviation Artist Paul Couper AGAvA


The BAC 1-11 was produced as an all-jet short haul aircraft to follow in the footsteps of the successful Vickers Viscount turbo-prop aircraft. Its initial entry was very successful, beating potential American rivals by over a year and like its Vickers predecessor initially sold well in the USA. The larger 1-11 500 series was a little later than the Boeing 737 and Douglas DC-9, meaning that while an excellent aircraft its sales were somewhat curtailled. 


Dan-Air operated a fleet of 1-11 in numerous guises from 1969 until the companies take-over in 1992. 

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Dan-Air - BAC 1-11

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