We are pleased to announce the release of new Aviation Art Prints from Darryl Legg.

  • The Castle at Tabletop- RMS Arundel Castle

The Union Castle Lines regular routes included one to Cape Town where the imposing sight of Tabletop mountain gave a powerful backdrop to the ships of the line. RMS Arundel Castle and her sister HMS Windsor Castle were built in 1921 and 1922, displacing 19,000 tons. Originally built as four-funnelled vessels they were re-modelled and re-engined in 1937. While the Windsor Castle would be lost on war service in 1943, the Arundel Castle returned to fare-paying work after the war and was eventually scrapped in 1959.

Our thanks go to Dr. Stephen Payne for the identification and description of the ship.

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The Castle at Tabletop- RMS Arundel Castle

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