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  • German Jet Fighters - Luftwaffe Aircraft DVD

Luftwaffe DVD on the German Jet Fighters of WWII


In 1944 the Luftwaffe received the Me-262. While not the first jet to enter squadron service, the aircraft was considerably more advanced than its British counterpart, the Gloster Meteor.  In addition to this fearsome aircraft, German designers had also come up with the Me-163 Komet, a rocket-powered aircraft with phenomenal climb and the Arado AR-234 Blitz bomber. Towards the end of the war and with the last days of the Reich upon them, Heinkel also flew the He-162 Salamander, an attempt to make an easily produced, yet effective jet fighter. 


These aircraft are looked at in the context of the time they were produced and the associated difficulties the new technologies threw up. 


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German Jet Fighters - Luftwaffe Aircraft DVD

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