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  • Arturo Ferrarin - Alitalia Boeing 747

Alitalia Boeing 747 Limited Edition Photograph - by Aviation Photographer Peter Keating


Gleaming, shiny and new; one of Alitalia's Boeing 747s sits ready for business at Fiuminicino - Leonardo da Vinci Airport in September 1970. Neatly parked alongside are the airport buses ready for the passengers.


The photographer was Peter Keating, an airline steward who used his 40 years with BOAC and BA to create an unrivalled collection of classic aviation images from all over the world. This image was taken on his last stop on a 15 day round trip from London to Sydney on a succession of BOAC Boeing 707s which took him to, amongst others, Karachi, Calcutta, Singapore, Perth, Bangkok and Beirut. 

The aircraft is I-DEME, the second 747-143 delivered to Alitalia and named 'Arturo Ferrarin' after an Italian World War 1 fighter pilot and aviator. In 1920 Ferrarin successfully undertook the 11,000 mile flight from Rome to Tokyo in a Ansalado SVA biplane. He went on to become a test pilot in Italy’s Regia Aeronautica but also took part in a number of international air competitions including the Schneider Trophy. In 1928 he set a new world long distance record by flying non-stop to Brazil in a Savoia Marchetti SM-64 monoplane. He died on 13 September 1941 when a prototype aircraft he was test flying crashed at Guidonia, Italy.

This Boeing 747 would only stay with Alitalia for six years before it was sold to Aer Lingus.  747s, however, would remain at the heart of Alitalia's long-haul fleet until 1979 for the 100 series and well into the 21st Century for the 200 series. 

Two sizes are available. The 13" image is limited to 30 copies, while the 20" version is limited to 20 copies

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Arturo Ferrarin - Alitalia Boeing 747

  • Artist: Peter Keating
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