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  • 'Mainliner Maryland' - United Airlines Douglas DC-6 at La Guardia

United Airlines Douglas DC-6 Limited Edition Photograph - by Aviation Photographer Peter Keating


It was one of the largest airlines in the world…and it was the beginning of a boom time for air travel.


Douglas Aircraft had built a new transport to a military specification but by 1946, when it flew for the first time, the war was over. What was destined to be the C-118 Liftmaster military transport also now became the DC-6 passenger airliner.

United was one of the first airlines to fly the DC-6 receiving its first aircraft within six months of the first flight.  The DC-6 was the new flagship of the airline bringing, in their own words, 'dependable, all-season travel' to the growing passenger lists. They called the aircraft 'Mainliners' and United became the 'Main Line Airway'.  They even claimed that flying with United often cost less than first class land travelling, and was obviously a lot faster. 

The DC-6 was 90mph faster than its predecessor, the DC-4, and had 850 miles more range.  Therefore one of the big selling points for United was the capability and range to fly round bad weather giving their passengers a smoother and more comfortable flight.

Here is United's DC-6 N37519 'Mainliner Maryland' at La Guardia in New York surrounded by all the ground vehicles required to clean, service and prepare the aircraft for its next flight.  Unusually this aircraft stayed with the same airline for more than 18 years from new until its sad demise in a take off accident in October 1965.  

Two sizes are available. The 13" image is limited to 30 copies, while the 20" version is limited to 20 copies

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'Mainliner Maryland' - United Airlines Douglas DC-6 at La Guardia

  • Artist: Peter Keating
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