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  • BOAC 707 at Toronto Terminal 1

BOAC Boeing 707 Limited Edition Photograph - by Aviation Photographer Peter Keating


Photographer and BOAC steward Peter Keating flew on five trips to Toronto in 1964. On every one of them he flew in on a Boeing 707 and there to greet him was the great new shiny state-of-the-art terminal that had opened in February of that year.


It was called Aeroquay One - the world’s first circular terminal. At a cost of $27.5 million it was built with the latest modern art and furniture and futuristic-looking design. Its circular layout meant each gate was never more than two minutes away from the nine level garage and could process 1400 passengers and hour. This concept was soon replicated in airports around the world. Aeroquay was considered such a masterpiece that a photograph of it was sent in the Voyager spacecraft. 

At the gate was Peter's aircraft, Boeing 707 G-APFC. Delivered in 1960 it was one of the first batch of aircraft bought to 'usher in the ‘Jet Age’ to Britain for the third time!. Following the brave new world of the Comet 1 and it's replacement, the Comet 4, it was BOAC's, and the world's, first commercially successful jetliner. It dominated passenger air transport throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s. It was the most popular jetliner of its time, over 1,000 were built between 1958-1979, and its popularity led to massive development in terminals, runways and transport infrastructure. 

Two sizes are available. The 13" image is limited to 30 copies, while the 20" version is limited to 20 copies

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BOAC 707 at Toronto Terminal 1

  • Artist: Peter Keating
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