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  • Lee Lacey - Eyes of the Army - Ferret Armoured Car (W)

Daimler Ferret Armoured Card Blank Greetings Card by Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


From the early 1950s, Britain's armed forces started to replace their ubiquitous Daimler Dingo with the Ferret. Built in a bewildering array of variants and spawning a large, heavily armed reconnaissance armoured car, the Ferret was to serve the army well for over forty years.

Nowhere was this more the case than in Germany, where the 2nd Infantry Division formed part of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR). Supplementing the Ferret in the reconnaissance role was the Westland Scout helicopter. This small, easy to manage and highly agile aircraft gave equally long service and along with its naval cousin, the Wasp saw service in the Falklands war. 

The Ferret comes from 17/21st Lancers while the Scout is from one of the Army Co-op squadrons.

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Lee Lacey - Eyes of the Army - Ferret Armoured Car (W)

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