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  • Airborne Avengers - Horsa Gliders Original Painting

Airspeed Horsa Gliders Parachute Regiment Original Aviation Art Painting by Stephen Chard GAvA


WWII saw the birth of airborne infantry as a true fighting force. From the German's stunning capture of the Belgian fort Eban Emael through their use in the Crete campaign and on through British and American paratroop success and disaster in D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the Rhine crossing airborne troops proved their worth time and again.

 Stephen Chard's painting offers a glimpse into the confused nature of a mass glider landing by day, as seen during both the landings at Arnhem and the Rhine crossing. Britain's Parachute Regiment depended on two main gliders, the Horsa, seen here and the much larger Hamilcar. The Horsa, made by Airspeed, was produced in two different versions, the first was for infantry while the second was equipped with a hinged nose section for  the delivery of vehicles and light artillery.

This original, framed and varnished painting comes ready to hang and measures 78cm x 63cm. Could interested parties please contact us by email to arrange payment and delivery

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Airborne Avengers - Horsa Gliders Original Painting

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