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  • Lusty - HMS Illustrious (R06) - Original Painting

HMS Illustrious R06 Aircraft Carrier Royal Navy Warship Oil on Canvas Painting by Artist Chris French GAvA


HMS Iluustrious (R06) is depicted here c.2005 during the time of the Joint Force Harrier.


'Lusty', as she will always be remembered, was built as the second of the Royal Navy's Invincible class of aircraft carriers at the Swan Hunter Yard, completing in July 1982. She would relieve her sister, HMS Invincible, in the Falklands from August 1982 and would not be formally commissioned until 1983.


During her 32-year service, the ship was to see further action off both Iraq and Sierra Leone. By the time of de-commissioning in 2014, she would be the oldest active ship in the fleet.  

This is the original oil on canvas painting from which our prints are taken. The painting comes varnished, framed and ready to hang and measures 30" x 22"

Delivery is free within the UK. 

Could potential purchasers please contact us for a Buyers' Pack.

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Lusty - HMS Illustrious (R06) - Original Painting

  • £1,250.00

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