A Barrel of Snow - SAAB J29 Tunnan


Svenska Flygvapnet- svenskt flygkonst utskrifter - SAAB J29 Tunnan


The SAAB J29, known as the flying barrel can be described as SAABs first jet. The J21 RA did come before it but was by no means a new aircraft, being a prop driven conversion. The J29 was the first European jet fighter with swept wings, based on German aerodynamics research work. Other firsts were the all-movable tailplane, automatic leading edge slats, full span ailerons/slat and a new SAAB ejection seat.

In 1954 the J29 beat the world speed record held by a USAF-86 Sabre at that time.

In 1960 the J29 became the first SAAB to go to war, joining the UN forces in the Congo for four years. 585 of the type were in service from 1951-74.


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