Always in the Shadow Of...- Handley-Page Halifax


Handley Page Halifax, 76 Squadron Aviation Art Print by Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


The Handley Page Halifax was the second of the RAF's new four-engine heavy bombers and was to play a crucial role during the war in a great number of roles including bomber, glider tug, transport and maritime reconnaissance. Despite this multi-role capability the aircraft was disliked by Bomber Commands head Sir Arthur Harris and was gradually replaced by the Lancaster within these squadrons.


An aircraft that will forever be associated with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Britain, the Halifax was also flown by a number of Allied Air Forces and crews. 76 Squadron had on strength a number of Norwegian crews and it is one of these that the artist has chosen to commemorate in this painting. The squadron was to be equipped with the aircraft from October 1941 until replaced by the Douglas Dakota in May 1945. 

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