Bear Watching - McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR.2

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McDonnell-Douglas FG.1 Phantom 43 Squadron Original Pencil Drawing by Lee Lacey AGAvA

The Phantom has become the icon of Cold War NATO aircraft and was used by a great number of countries in a bewildering array of variants. Still a capable combat aircraft a numerous are still in service with nations such as Turkey. Used by both the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, the Rolls-Royce Spey engined variants formed the backbone of both services long-distance interception squadrons. This particular aircraft is from 43 Squadron, tasked with Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) for much of the 1970s and 1980s. It is shown shepherding a Tupolev Bear out of British airspace some time in the 1980s. The Phantom would be retired from British service in 1992 with the role filled by the Panavia Tornado.  


This original pencil crayon drawing comes framed and measures 21” x 16” (53cms x 40cms). It was hung at the 2012 Guild of Aviation Artists exhibition in London

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