Concorde Finale - Original Painting


Airliner Aviation Art Original Oil Painting of a British Airways Concorde by Aviation Artist Charles J. Thompson GAvA


Making its final fair-paying flight on 26th November 2003, aviation enthusiasts will always regret the passing of Concorde. Not only was the aircraft capable of transporting people in complete comfort while at phenomenal speed and height but had a much greater ability, the ability to create a sense of respect and awe from anyone lucky enough to see and hear her. 

Though ultimately only 20 were built, the aircraft proved a great success with both British Airways and Air France, though initial American resistance to the aircraft saw its first services going elsewhere. 


Whether there is a need for Concorde in commercial service is debateable, that there is a need for one to return to the air as a tribute to British and French engineering is undeniable. 


Charles J. Thompson created this wonderful painting as a remarkable tribute to a true legend of aviation. It is also his 100th print with Hansen Fine Art


This is the original oil on canvas painting from which our prints are taken. It comes varnished, framed and ready to hang and measures 22" x 18"

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