Das England Geshwader- Gotha G.IV


First World War 1914-1918 WWI Aviation Art Painting Print of a Gotha Heavy Bomber over England by Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


The vulnerability of the Zeppelins while over British airspace made the finding of a suitable replacement an issue of some urgency. From as early as the end of 1915, Gotha had been developing a family of heavy-bomber designs and had gained suitable experience in the design of large aircraft for the Idflieg (German Air Service Procurement) to place an order for 52 Gotha G.IV bombers. These were to take part in Operation Turkenkreuz, the second phase of the air war against the United Kingdom. The initial aircraft were supplemented by further G.IV from other manufacturers, as well as the later G.V model. The first aircraft arrived at Kagohl 1 in March 1917, though two aircraft had been service tested in November-December 1916. The first daylight raids commenced in May 1917 but mounting losses preceded the aircraft’s transfer to night operations in September of that year. Altogether 232 of the G.IV model and 177 G.V reached service units before the end of hostilities. 

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