Defiants - Boulton Paul Defiant


Boulton Paul Defiant Aviation Art Print by Aircraft Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


The Defiant was designed in a time when a great many countries were experimenting with turret fighters and the British Aircraft industry produced two of note, the Blackburn Roc being the other. Theoretically by having a split work load it made it easier for the crew, many theorists remembering the success of the Bristol F.2b during WWI.


Of course, the theory was proven wrong as there were no forward-firing guns and the daylight battles of the Battle of France and Britain quickly saw the few squadrons equipped withdrawn from fighting.


With the coming of the night blitz however, the Defiant was to prove itself a worthy night-fighter, especially when considering that it had no radar and relied on the ground controllers and the crews eye-sight. After this foray, the aircraft proved to be an equally capable target tugs and in this guise a number were still in service at the end of the war. 

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