Descent to Duxford - Hawker Hurricane


WW2 Aviation Art – Douglas Bader Hawker Hurricane Painting


Upon taking command of 242 squadron, Bader was faced with the suspicions and fears of men who had already seen a great deal of combat. In typical Bader fashion these were faced with determination and a bullish attitude, combined with superb airmanship.

Continually frustrated by the squadron’s lack of action as part of 12 Group, he became a great advocate of Leigh-Mallory’s “Big-Wing” theory and was able to show it when attacks on London made bringing 12 Group into play more important than ever.

As leader of 242, Bader became the leader of the Duxford squadrons in such actions and started to raise his tally of victories.


In this Charles J. Thompson aviation art painting, Bader is seen returning to Duxford in the late summer of 1940. He is shown in his favoured Hawker Hurricane, V7467 coded LE-D that he used for most of his initial period as a squadron commander.

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