Dogfight - S.E.5a


First World War WWI 1914-1918 Royal Flying Corps RAF SE.5a & Fokker D.VII Aviation Painting Art Print by Aviation Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


The aircraft shown in this aviation painting are arguably the best fighters to see service in the First World War. Both gained reputations as the mount of aces and were adored by their pilots.

The SE.5a had a long gestation period and took several major modifications before finally becoming a superlative high-altitude fighter. Considered by many as the pre-eminent fighter of WWI, the Fokker D.VII was built in numerous factories but ultimately could not challenge the numerical superiority enjoyed by the Allies


The close-quarters nature of aerial combat in WWI is shown to good effect in this work portraying two of the great aces of the War. The SE.5a is that of James McCudden who would score 57 aerial victories before being killed in a flying accident. In his red painted Fokker D.VII is Enst Udet who would end the war as Germany's highest scoring surviving ace with 62 confirmed victories.

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