Don Breckon - Along the Fowey - GWR 14xx Tank

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Steam Train Birthday Card Pre-war 1930s GWR 14xx Tank Engine 0-4-2 by Railway Artist Don Breckon GRA


Despite its size, the 14xx and Autocoach combination has become something of a favourite among Railway Enthusiasts. To maintain a service on some of Britain's smallest branch lines, the GWR developed the 0-4-2 14xx from the earlier, very similar 517 class to be capable of handling light loads extremely economically. Introduced in 1932, the class would be gradually replaced by DMUs from 1955 but would still be seen until the end of steam, acting as back-up for failed diesel units.


Four have been preserved and the locomotive in this picture is seen running along the River Fowey in Cornwall. 

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