Don Breckon - Wagons for the Colliery - GWR Pannier Tank

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Pre-war 1930s GWR Pannier Tank 0-6-0 by Railway Artist Don Breckon GRA


The 57xx class of 0-6-0 are one of the most distinguishable of all the GWR locomotives with a large number being built, resulting in several number sequences and a quarter being built away from Swindon works. The 77xx sequence, of which 7723 is seen here were built by Kerr Stuart.  This scene is typical of the 1930s with the loco wearing the art-deco styled GWR "Shirt Button" emblem introduced in 1934. The presence of soldiers marching under the bridge mean that it is probably some time after 1939.


A true representation of what life was like at the time, this railway art birthday card would be ideal for anyone with an interest in the GWR.  

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