Eduard 1-48 Fokker E.I Eindekker - SOLD

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Professionally Built model of the Fokker E.I (Eduard 1/48)


Generally considered as the first dedicated fighter aircraft in the world, the Eindekker flew rings around the RFC and French Air Arm for six months until the introduction of aircraft such as the DH.2 and Nieuport 11. Despite this success, the E.I relied on the old pre-WWI technique of wing-warping for turns and penny-packet tactics meant that success was not even more widespread during its period of supremacy.


This is Eduard’s “Weekend” Edition model in 1/48 scale. It was painted with Tamiya acrylic paints. A similar model, built without modification, would cost £70.00, plus the cost of the kit. Please contact us through the Commissions section if you are interested

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