Golden Days - Bristol F.2b Fighter - N-T

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Art Deco Inspired Aviation Art – Bristol F.2b Fighter


The Bristol F.2b was one of the most important aircraft of WWI and here the preserved example at the Shuttleworth Collection in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire is seen stylised flying over the summer harvest. The aircraft is one of only three airworthy original Bristol F.2b and has been with the collection since.1952. It saw no action in WWI but was with 208 Squadron in Turkey until 1923. It was bought by a Captain C.P.B Ogilve in 1936 with the intention of refurbishing it to fly but the aircraft passed back to Bristol and was restored there before being passed to the collection for safe keeping. The original  Falcon III engine, which is kept at Rolls –Royce as a spare is the oldest working unit made by the company in existence 


This work is available in two editions, with and without title at the bottom of the print. This version does not have a stylised border.  Both are available in three sizes

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