Homeland Hero - SAAB J22


Svenska Flygvapnet - svensk flygkonst


With embargoes stopping the purchase of modern military equipment, SAAB designer Bo Lundberg was asked to design a fighter capable of replacing the biplanes then in Flygvapnet service. It was also made clear that only materials sourced locally could be used (A similar situation existed for Lawrence Wackett when designing the Commonwealth Boomerang). Powered by a copy of the Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp, Lundberg produced an aircraft of light steel framing and wood panels. This gave the added bonus of making the aircraft easy to make in Sweden’s many wood-working plants as well as light, essential when utilising an engine of medium power. Series production began in 1943 and the last was not retired until the mid 1950s.


Frakt till Sverige fran £6.00

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