John Hancox - NorBSA

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NorBSA hybrid Cafe Racer Motorcycle Blank Birthday Greetings Card by Motorcycle Artist John Hancox


Combining the 500cc single cylinder engine as used in the BSA DBD34 Gold Star with the "Featherbed" frame of the Norton, the NorBSA may not have the illustrious reputation of the better named "Triton" but was every bit a dream machine for any rocker of the late 1950s and early 1960s. John Hancox's painting shows the motorbike in a typical set-up for a "Ton-Up" boy. This includes a bucket seat and "Clip-Ons", low-slung handle bars that gave the rider the "Head Down, A**e-up" position so favoured by any boy-racer of the era.

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