Keith Woodcock - Lend Lease - Consolidated Liberator

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Consolidated Liberator, North American Mitchell & Martin Baltimore Aviation Art Birthday Greetings Card by Aviation Artist Keith Woodcock GAvA


The USA was without doubt the "Arsenal of Democracy" during WWII and a number of notable aircraft from American factories were to play an important part with the RAF. Here we see the Consolidated Liberator (B-24), North American Mitchell (B-25), Martin Baltimore and in the background the venerable DC-3. Liberators, in the colours of Coastal Command, did long anti-submarine patrols and convoy escort while the Mitchell became a mainstay of the tactical air forces and were particularly useful during the build-up to D-Day. Seeing active service in the Desert Campaign and up through Sicily and Italy, the Baltimore was a successful type that should be better known. The DC-3 (Dakota in British service) is one of the true classics of aviation and was indispensable to the Allied cause. 

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