Legend in the Mist - Supermarine Spitfire

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Supermarine Spitfire WWII Fighter Aviation Art Print by Aviation Artist Roger Murray


This semi-impressionistic painting gives centre stage to what many enthusiasts and historians would consider the most famous aircraft ever built.


When R.J Mitchell's creation first flew, few would have believed that more than seventy years later the aircraft would still have a huge following and that more preserved examples would be flying than at any other time since the 1950s.


While forever associated with Mitchell, it was actually his successor, Joseph Smith and the team of designers at Supermarine who must be given full credit for making the Spitfire the success it was. In over ten years of production, 20,000 were built and they were to served in every corner of the globe.


Roger Murray's painting shows an aircraft on a typical British misty morning with the attendant figures discussing the days mission.  

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