Mauretania Leaving Southampton- RMS Mauretania


Ocean Liner Art - RMS Mauretania Painting


During the late 19th Century the  American tycoon J.P Morgan had been buying up shipping companies, culminating in the purchase of the British White Star Line. Using the fear within Government that Cunard, Britain's largest liner company, may be next, Cunard's board succeeded in securing funding for the building of two major new liners. These were Lusitania and Mauretania. RMS Mauretania was the first of the ‘Grand Trio’ (the third being Aquitania), being completed in 1907. After Lusitania had re-captured the Blue Riband for Britain in 1907, Mauretania successfully extended the record in 1909. The ships record would stand for 22 years, capturing the publics imagination and securing the reputation of the "Maury" for years to come.


The ship would serve during WWI as a troopship and gain an extraordinary 'dazzle' paint scheme. After the war she would return to cvilian passenger service, changing home port from Liverpool to Southampton.


In Roger H. Middlebrook's Liner Painting, the magnificent ship is seen leaving Southampton.

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