McCudden's Kite - Airco DH.2

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Airco DH.2 of James McCudden, eventually Britain's second highest scoring ace of WWI


McCudden's Kite depicts the DH2 which James McCudden was flying when he scored his first victory on Sept. 6, 1916 while serving with 29 Sq, RFC.

The Artist states:

"Compared to some of my other works, this was a fairly spontaneous piece, quickly evolving from a simple sketch in my sketchbook to a finished painting without much change in the original composition. I added the scattering birds as a way to give the piece some movement. The biggest challenge in this piece was the hedges and grass. I wanted to capture the visual texture of weedy, scrubby bushes and small trees, but I didn't want it to be too detailed or else it would detract from the subject. I found that I was unable to acheive the effect I was looking for with a paintbrush, but in the end was able to solve the problem by painting the bushes and grass with a palette knife."

The image measures 16" x 10" while the overall size including borders is 19" x 13"

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