Mesopotamia 1918 - Bristol M.1c


First World War WWI 1914-1918 Aviation Art Print showing a Bristol M1c Bullet from an original aviation art painting by Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


Another pioneering aircraft from the drawing board of Frank Barnwell and the Bristol Aircraft Company, the M1c was the least successful of the company's scouts of WWI. The aircraft served in the front-line over the Mesopotamian front and as instructor's aircraft at Flying Training Schools


This lack of success owed little to the aircraft and more to the snobbery shown by the high command of the RFC, who saw the monoplane as being less structurally sound and lacking manoeuvrability in comparison to their bi-plane counterparts. Few officials realised that the future not only belonged to the monoplane but that the M1c, often referred to as the Bullet, was among the fastest aircraft of WWI. Despite having an ‘official’ speed of 130mph, there is little doubt that the real top speed was closer to 150mph.

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