New Standards - Boeing 707 - Pan Am

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Airliner Aviation Art Print of a PAN AM Boeing 707 by Aviation Artist Roger Murray AGAvA


After numerous designs from Britain and France showed the concept of a jet-liner to be feasible, Boeing entered the fray with an aircraft that would radically change the way we travel up to this day. Mid-sized, long ranged and versatile the Boeing 707 ushered in an era of new standards and was the start of a dynasty of liners that are part of everyday modern life. First flying in 1958, Pan Am bought its first 707 in 1960 and would be followed by a number of other carriers until final numbers built exceeded 1000. As well as being one of the most successful civilian jets, the aircraft has also been delivered to the air forces of numerous countries in several guises, most notably as the E-3 Sentry.

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