Night Raiders - FE.2


First World War WWI 1914-1918 Aviation Art Print of the Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2d 'Fee' by Aviation Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


To counter the threat of the Fokker Eindekker, the Royal Flying Corps took delivery of a number of “Pusher” types until a suitable “tractor” aircraft with forward-firing machine gun could be delivered.



Among these, the Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2 series were among the longest-lived and served with distinction from 1915 until 1918. Originally used for scouting and aerial combat, later versions of the “Fee” were converted into make-shift night bombers carrying up to 112lb of bombs. The aircraft were among the first to demonstrate the concept and laid the path for larger, more capable aircraft later in the war.


In Roger H. Middlebrook’s aviation painting, an FE.2d crew discuss the finer details of the mission with the Squadron’s commanders prior to departing on a night-time mission.  The FE.2d was a strong, dependable workhorse and by the time of their night raids, ‘Fee’ squadrons, such as 102 squadron, RFC had gained a reputation for doggedness and dependability.


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