Over Little Norway - Northrop 8A


Norwegian Air Force Northrop 8A on a training mission over Toronto Island Airport by Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


Norway's air forces in exile were to make their way to Toronto Island Airport for a good part of WWII. Here in what became known as 'Little Norway', they learned and honed their skills on aircraft such as the Curtiss Hawk 75 and Northrop 8A.


Here the Northrop takes centre-stage. A rare aircraft, derived from the A-17 and A-33 attack bombers, it was used by allies such as Norway and the Netherlands, the Norwegian Air Training Centre receiving 36 aircraft that had been ordered but not delivered to Norway in time to take part in the battle for Norway. With the arrival of more suitable aircraft, the 8A were sold on to Peru, though some were repossessed by the USAAC and used for target towing duties

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