Preserving Neutrality - SAAB S35E


svensk flygkonst utskrifter- SAAB J35 Draken Malning


The original brief for the designing of the J35 was issued at a time when many noted scientists at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology had predicted that an aircraft would never fly above 750km/h. The year was 1949 and SAAB was given a free hand to develop a “fighter capable of intercepting bombers at Mach 0.9 at a height of 11,000 metres, armed with two missiles”. Designing such a complicated aircraft, despite SAAB’s previous experience was daunting but after much preliminary work in both wind-tunnel testing and with test-beds, as well as a small prototype (Saab 210), the first full-sized Draken flew on 25 October 1955. The Draken would serve Sweden for over thirty years and achieve speeds of over Mach 2. The J35 series were also very much multi-role aircraft, the one shown being the reconnaissance S35E version. The aircraft is from 211th Recce Squadron of F21 Wing in Luleå. The squadron uses as its motto "AKKTU STAKKI" which translates as "Lone Wolf". Thanks to Nils Bergqvist for additional information


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