Sidestrand - Boulton & Paul Sidestrand


1930s RAF Aircraft Aviation Art Print- Boulton & Paul Sidestrand of 101 Squadron by Aviation Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


Developed from the earlier P.7, P.15 and P.25 twin-engined bombers, the Boulton & Paul (the name Boulton Paul was adopted later) P.29 Sidestrand was one of a number of aircraft competing for the limited budget allocated to the RAF of the late 1920s. With its first flight in 1926, the first aircraft were delivered to 101 Squadron in 1928. 


Though proven to be able aircraft for their time, the Sidestrands were to equip 101 Squadron with only eighteen of three differing marks being made. The last three examples would go on provide the airframes for the prototype Sidestrand V, later re-named Overstrand and it was this aircraft that replaced the earlier Boulton & Paul aircraft in 1934.


The Original Painting from which our print is produced is available for purchase, please see our originals section

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