Tankbuster - Hawker Hurricane Mk.IId


Hawker Hurricane IId Tankbuster & Panzer III tank North African Desert 6 Squadron Art Print by Aviation Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


Britain's "Maid of All Work", the Hurricane would go on to serve in a number of other significant roles after its part in the Battle of Britain. Among these were that of carrier borne fighter and fighter-bomber but one of its most interesting tasks was as a low-level tank buster with no.6 Squadron.


Armed with a pair of Vickers 'S' Guns of 40mm calibre, the aircraft would attack from as low as 20 feet before pulling away steeply to evade enemy fire. In this way, the Hurricanes were able to attack and destroy all axis armoured vehicles in the desert, including the much-vaunted Tiger. With the introduction of Rocket Projectiles in 1943, the Hurricane would prove the concept for these anti-armour weapons before its replacement, the Typhoon took them into action over Europe.  


In Roger Middlebrook's Aviation Art Painting an aircraft of number 6 has just knocked out the Panzer III in the foreground, while a second aircraft pulls away from an attack in the opposite direction.

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