Target Tug - Bristol Beaufighter TT.Mk.10


Bristol Beaufighter Aviation Aircraft Plane Art Print by Aviation Artist Charles J. Thompson GAvA


The Bristol Beaufighter served in numerous guises during a career spanning twenty years and the painting shows the last of these. Due to their performance it was felt that the Beaufighter would make an excellent Target Tug as early as 1942.

The first conversions were made in 1948 and 35 were so configured, serving mainly overseas in places such as Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and Malaya.  Designated TT.Mk.10 the aircraft were painted with the standard high visibility scheme of Silver with black and yellow undersides.


In Charles J. Thompson’s painting a Beaufighter TT.Mk.10 is seen climbing out for another sortie. It comes from 34 Squadron and was assigned to Anti-Aircraft Co-operation duties.

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