The Peacetime Paint Job - Avro Lancaster


Avro Lancaster "Tiger Force" Aviation Plane Aircraft Art Print by Aviation Artist Roger H. Middlebrook GAvA


Re-equipping with the Avro Lancaster from the Halifax in 1944, 35 Squadron were to take part in the Goodwill mission to the United States during July-August 1946. For this the aircraft were kept in the White and Black scheme that had been adopted for the proposed "Tiger Force". "Tiger Force" was to be the British contingent in the aerial bombardment of Japan but was not needed, due to the dropping of the atomic bombs. The Lancaster was to be modified into two extended range variants the Mk.I (FE) and Mk.VII(FE), the latter being identified by the twin 20mm cannon in the dorsal position.


In Roger H. Middlebrook's aviation art painting print this Lancaster is seen flying over the Queen Mary, at this time still in the war-time grey colour scheme. The ship would not return to Cunard colours for another year.

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