Tigercat - Grumman F7F Tigercat


Grumman F7F Tiger Aviation Airplane Plane Art Print by Artist Charles J. Thompson GAvA


In its series of fighters, Grumman had already designed and built the pugnacious XF5F Skyrocket, an aircraft that had proven the concept of a viable twin-engined fighter, though no orders were forhcoming.


To build on this experience, Grumman tendered the XF7F to a U.S navy specification calling for a fighter with unparallel power, speed and firepower. The resulting shoulder-wing aircraft is one of the best looking carrier-based designs ever. The two 2,100hp P&W R-2800 engines could power the aircraft to 435mph while the design could be armed with a maximum of four 20mm cannon, four 0.5” machine guns and a torpedo.


Though too late to see service in WWII, the aircraft was used in Korea, though the advent of the jet precluded any further development.

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