Welcoming Committee - Gloster Gladiator & MG TA

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Gloster Gladiator and MG TA Car Aviation Aircraft Painting Art Print by Aircraft Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


The first of the now legendary 'T' series cars from MG made its appearance in 1937, being made for just over two years before the introduction of the 'TB' model. While the TA was the first in a line, the Gloster Gladiator was the last of a long line of RAF biplanes. Despite being obsolescent by 1940 standards the aircraft served in a number of campaigns, most successfully against the Italians in the Desert and Greek campaigns.


This painting portrays a no.73 squadron machine in mid 1937 while the squadron was based at Debden. The Gloster Gladiator at the Shuttleworth Collection is painted up as this aircraft, while the TA, MG 5307, also still exists.


This print is available in two sizes, both limited to 100 each. Every print is signed and numbered by the artist.

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