Heavy Out of Heathrow - Lockheed TriStar - British Airways

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British Airways Lockheed TriStar Aviation Painting Art Print by Aviation Artist Stephen Chard GAvA


British Airways bought the long-range variant of the Lockheed Tristar for its London- Abu Dhabi route.


The last in the long line of Lockheed airliners, the aircraft was hampered by delays to the Rolls Royce engines that had been selected for use in what was, for its time, the most technologically advanced airliner in the world.

BA first acquired the Tristar in 1974 in the form of the -100 and -1 variant but it was the -500 variant which was favoured by British Airways and first flew in 1978. The aircraft would serve until the early nineties. Several aircraft would also serve with the Royal Air Force and later operators included British Airtours and British Caledonian. 

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