North Atlantic Rivals - Normandie & Rex

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Ocean Liner Marine Painting Art Print of the French Line CGT liner Normandie and the Italian Lines Rex in a heavy gale.


The classic liners of the 1930s became true icons of what was then the epitome of art-deco luxury and elegance in travel. Of these great liners, France’s Normandie and the Italian Rex were two of the very best, both holding the coveted Blue Riband for fastest Atlantic crossing.


Normandie was built with vast Government support and was seen as the pride of a resurgent France, forming a three-ship crossing service with the equally famous Ile-de-France and the less well-known Paris. Likewise, Rex and her running mate Conte di Savour formed the backbone of Italy’s passenger fleet with both ships known for their good rough sea handling.


Unfortunately, neither of these great ships would survive WWII with Normandie being destroyed by fire while being converted to a troop ship and Rex being sunk by Allied aircraft to prevent her use as a block-ship.


John Stewart’s marine painting art print shows both ships in a heavy gale where Rex would have the edge over the normally marginally faster Normandie.

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