Oronsay - Orient Line Oronsay

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Ocean Liner Marine Painting Art Print of the Orient Line's Oronsay


Designed and built as one of three close sisters for the Orient Line, Oronsay was completed in 1951. Built by Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow, she operated on  the U.K- Australia run until 1953 when dwindling passenger numbers made her move to cruising necessary.


Thoroughly modern with interiors by Brian O'Rourke, the ship set new standards in passenger comfort and was easily converted to cruising, which became her main role after the 1954 season. With the merger of P&O and Orient in 1960 the ship was repainted white from Orient's corn  colour. Footage of her was used in the British comedy Carry On Cruising where she played the part of the SS Happy Wanderer.


With newer ships being produced and further dwindling numbers, Oronsay was scrapped in 1975, having a reputation as one of the finest ships ever to sail on the Australia route.

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