The Queen's Arrival - RMS Queen Mary

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Ocean Liner Painting Art Print by Marine Artist John Stewart of the Cunard Liner RMS Queen Mary entering New York along the Hudson river


The only profitable superliner of the 1930, RMS Queen Mary had an inauspicious start, when the as yet incomplete hull was left idle at the John Brown ship yard when the great depression hit Britain and all work was suspended. It was only in 1934 that work began again and she was finally launched on 16 September 1934.


Chaisng the Blue Riband on her maiden voyage she was brought to a near halt by dense fog when only a day out of New York and despite very high speeds over the next few hours (typically 33 knots), she was unable to make it and missed the coveted prize by less than an hour. 

She would take the Blue Riband from Normandie in August 1936, and so one of the great duels of maritime history began.


In John Stewart's marine ocean liner painting, the ship is seen entering New York for the first time with the Staue of Liberty looming over events.

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