Hovercraft to the Continent - Hoverspeed SRN.4

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Hoverspeed SRN.4 Hovercraft Limited Edition  Art Print by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg


The SRN.4 Hovercraft of Hoverspeed were familiar sights for anyone crossing the English Channel from 1968 when introduced by Seaspeed until final retirementin October 2000.


Hoverspeed came about through the merger of Seaspeed and HoverLLoyd, with the company beginning operations in 1981. Its fleet included several SRN.4 and one  Sedam 500. 

This LIMITED EDITION PRINT of only 50 copies shows Hovercraft "Princess Margaret" at speed in the English Channel. The image measures 14" x 10" (365mm x 254mm)

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