On Exercise - HMS London & HMS Edinburgh

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Royal Navy Exercise, South Atlantic with Type 22 Frigate HMS London and Type 42 Destroyer HMS Edinburgh.


In Chris French's Royal Navy Marine painting he shows a typical naval exercise in the South Atlantic. The two closest ships are a couple of the most distinctive in the Royal Navy at the time.


HMS London had been laid down as HMS Bloodhound but her name was changed to commemorate the WWII cruiser. A Batch 2 Type 22 Frigate, the ship was built at the Yarrow yard and completed in February 1987. After a successful career, she was sold to the Romanian navy in 2003.


HMS Edinburgh will be the last Type 42 in service when she is retired in 2014. Nicknamed the "Fortress of the Sea" she was laid down in April 1983 and completed in 1985. She was present at the 50th Anniversary of the Normandy landings celebrations and also served as an escort in the second Gulf War. 

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