Once We Were Kings Original Painting

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British Experimental and Prototype Aircraft Painting by Aviation Artist Paul Couper GAvA

This magnificent work has been a labour of love for the artist across three years. It celebrates the ingenuity and engineering prowess of the British jet aviation industry (and possibly its demise) with a range of both military and civilian types.   It shows the many prototypes and test aircraft that were built from the 1940s-1970s alongside some that only reached mock up or advanced design stages. In many cases where production aircraft resulted these are also shown. arth.

As an indicator of just how much work has gone into this work here are some numbers

79 Aircraft

112 Roundels

38 Fin flashes

24 Manufacturers

This is the original acrylic on canvas painting from which our prints are taken. It comes varnished but unframed, measuring 36" x 30" (91cm x 76cm)


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